Colon Cleanse – Weight Loss – Boosts Immune System – Rich in Omega 3 and Fibre – Premium Product – 100% Natural

Colon Cleanse – Weight Loss – Boosts Immune System – Rich in Omega 3 and Fibre – Premium Product – 100% Natural. Natural product with great results in weight loss, colon cleanse, immunity boost, healthier skin, less stress and more. We have highlighted the functions of the seven ingredients used to develop Colon Health Formula below: – Flaxseed is one major ingredient of Colon Health Formula; it aids digestion and the elimination of waste from your system – Psyllium husks is excellent for reducing bad cholesterol – Coriander has been included in this mix due to its properties which prevent bloating – Oregano aids the antibacterial effects of Colon Health Formula in your system – Parsley is a part of these ingredients because it stops the retention of water in the tissues – Clay is essential to facilitate the elimination of harmful toxins in your system – Caraway has properties which prevent the build-up of gases in your intestinal tract. What’s included in your purchase? – 240g of Formula – Guidance leflet – wooden scoop to be used for measuring – access to several bonuses, including a Video Course to make you an expert in healthy eating.

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  • Weight Loss – reduces excess weight and improves compromised immunity
  • Colon Cleanse – reduces or eliminates digestive problems and helps with hepatic-biliary diseases
  • Healthier Skin – fights against skin diseases and improves hyperglycaemia conditions
  • Bonuses – comes with loads of BONUSES, including access to an awesome VIDEO COURSE
  • 100% Natural – Rich in Omega 3

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